My Friend Nature

My Friend Nature is a set of ecological systems compatible with the original principles of BÜMED MEÇ Schools, which aims to connect students with nature. My Friend Nature plans, designs, cooperates and cooperates with the child by prioritizing the child’s sense and the principle of child-friendliness in this formation where the global climate crisis, environmental problems and the world education system progresses and will progress with environmentally sensitive and sustainable goals, and acts as a companion for this system to reach the child.

My Friend Nature carries out all its activities within the principles of nature and forest pedagogy. It carries out forest education activities by taking students to natural and forested areas in all weather conditions. In order to implement My Friend Nature effectively, teachers are provided with in-service training in the form of seminars and forest practices. Teachers, on the other hand, accompany students throughout the year to play in nature, to produce projects with ecological ideas and to develop individuals in environmental science issues.

In addition to the child, nature and school, it also invites parents and organizes adult workshops of nature education by organizing forest meetings with parents and includes the family in the process. Established with the logic of a book reading club, the “Nature Readings Book Club”, which is exclusively for the parents of BÜMED MEÇ Schools, organizes literature interpretation activities in the forest once a month. Throughout the year, it organizes parent-child workshops based on My Friend Nature. It provides educational meetings within the perspective of My Friend Nature through parent presentations organized online. In the school exhibition areas, exhibitions such as herbarium, natural curiosity table, holiday task exhibitions, etc. are organized to display the work students have done while getting to know nature. My Friend Nature cooperates with international associations and foundations with the logic of thinking locally and nationally. It carries out project studies with lecturers who are experts in the subject with the association and foundation connection. It produces projects within the scope of club activities and enables students to create designs with sustainable goals. BÜMED MEÇ schools have international forest education certificates at all levels with the study reports of pre-school, primary and secondary schools as part of the forest in schools program, whose original name is “Learning About Forest-LEAF” established within TÜRÇEV.

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