Field trips and Presentations

Based on the idea that the most permanent and impressive learning in life is gained through experiences, real life experiences such as field trips and presentations are given an important place in our training program.

Various opportunities are created on face-to-face or online platforms to establish daily life connections in both baseline as well as branch courses. It may be an observation in the garden of our school, a museum visit or an interview with an expert in the field. As with any study, the important thing here is that the student is active. It is essential that the student is active before the trip/interview, from obtaining preliminary information to using active learning methods in the activity process, and after the event to the evaluation and sharing department.

Plans, that we believe reinforce our education and training program in relation to courses, units, subjects, themes or art/culture trips are prepared at the beginning of the semester and integrated into the syllabus. If abstract thinking skills are at levels that have not yet been formed, theme-based field trips serve the visual memory of the child and the topics learned and the targeted gains are strengthened. Thanks to trips that show that the learning process is not limited to class and four walls, the student internalizes the gains by feeling the space in which he/she is located with all his/her senses.

During the distance education process, our visits continued to thanks to museums and workshops that opened their doors online in our country and around the world.

In addition to trips, interviews with people who are experts in their field allow students to learn about different professions, be inspired by success stories and understand the importance of achieving success by overcoming difficulties.

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