Primary School

Our primary school program has been designed by academicians and educational scientists in line with the basic principles of skill acquisition, questioning and being student-oriented. Our main purpose is the development of a positive attitude towards learning, research and reading throughout the student’s life. The differentiated educational approach to discover the potential of each individual is an important focus in designing all our lessons.

In accordance with the requirements of the new era, communication, research, creativity, social, analytical and critical thinking skills, which may also be referred to as “21st century skills” or “learning to learn skills”, are gained through a balanced and constructive education program. Keeping in mind that only the individuals with multi-disciplinary knowledge and various skills will be successful in the future, we focus on updating our education program to make our students highly skilled and versatile individuals.

With the aim of educating versatile students, our practical lessons start in kindergarten and increase at the primary school level. Creative drama, physical education, visual arts and music lessons are structured to educate individuals who are culturally intelligent, physically and mentally balanced and develop a sense of aesthetic in their life.

Our Primary and Middle School English programs are designed to have integrity with the pre-school program. Our main objectives in the student-oriented Primary School English program are to educate students who learn English fondly at CEF-A1 and A2 level within the framework of European Union standards. We raise students who are confident in using written and spoken English, who understand what they read and listen to, and who can easily adapt to different cultures in the future.

English program at our school is prepared and implemented by native or native-like educators. We use a communicative and story-oriented teaching program in English education. In primary school, there are 12 English lessons per week. Prepared and developed by our academicians, our English program is designed to improve our students’ language skills, to enrich their vocabulary from the very first years, and thus to enable them to express themselves fluently.

Our primary school program is evaluated and developed by the educators while keeping in mind the trends of the new era and according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education.

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