Children are naturally curious. MEÇ Pre-school uses a personalized educational approach which is based on getting to know each student and developing them. This program also fully coincides with our philosophy of raising students who are questioning, researching and willing to learn throughout their lives.

Pre-school program in BÜMED MEÇ Schools is based on a foundation where the social-emotional development of the child is at the forefront, the acquisition of the mother tongue is fully supported, and the insertion of another foreign language is attained.

The key element of our academic approach is that the mother tongue and foreign language programs correspond with each other throughout the academic year. That is the reason why the English program and the Turkish program have the same educational approaches and goals. Similar to the Turkish program, the learning objectives for each age group are clearly determined in the English program, and all activities are designed to encourage the use of language in social life.

Our Pre-School Education program is structured in a way to motivate students to interact within their social and physical environment. Our school and our teachers focus on the development of our students as individuals who can make their own decisions and live in harmony with their surroundings. Using this approach helps children develop new ideas and acquire essential experiences that form the core values to live by.

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