Computer and Information Technologies

Information technologies are used effectively by teachers as a tool to enrich and differentiate the educational programs and course contents in our lessons. Our lessons are designed for students to research, inquire and learn experimentally; it is planned in a way that makes learning enjoyable with its technical and pedagogical content design on both face-to-face and distance education platforms. We develop the cognitive and algorithmic thinking skills of our generation Z students, who can use technology at an advanced level. Starting from kindergarten, all activities and studies are designed according to the given level of our students.

Subjects such as “Coding”, “Robotics”, “Game Programming” are connected to the Information Technologies course. All these courses and subjects are focused on the development of necessary skills and supported on a face-to-face and online platform. “Digital Citizenship” courses include the following topics:

  • Digital communication
  • Our digital responsibilities
  • Accessing accurate and reliable information
  • Digital ethics – Respect for opinion ownership
  • Production-oriented use of technology
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