Our Educational Approach

BÜMED MEÇ Schools adopt a student-centered, questioning and skill-oriented educational approach with differentiated teaching methods and methodologies, focusing on scientific research methods and integrating modern teaching technologies.

In language education, we aim to raise students who can express themselves fluently and effectively in their native language. We also see them succeed in expressing themselves in a foreign language and holding a daily conversation in another foreign language. Language education is designed to create opportunities for students to learn the target language through experiencing it in daily life.

An interdisciplinary approach to education is also applied in our school. It enables students to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in one discipline to the rest.

Our teachers, supporting students’ natural curiosity and creativity and guiding them to attain knowledge and develop necessary skills, focus on designing lessons that are connected to their daily life activities and various trips, interviews and projects.

In our schools, students are given the opportunity to take responsibility for the learning processes and to evaluate these processes and themselves regularly. In addition, a great importance is given to creating a democratic environment for each student so they can actively participate in committees and express their point of view.

In order to develop ethical values, our students are expected to participate in social responsibility projects, collaborations with various non-governmental organizations and intercultural interaction studies.

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