Arts, Sports and Clubs in MEÇ

In our schools, starting from pre-school level, music, visual arts, creative drama and physical education lessons are constructed with a primary focus on questioning and arousing curiosity in accordance with the MEÇ philosophy. In all our courses, it is aimed to develop problem solving, critical thinking and creativity skills by arousing interest and curiosity.

The authenticity of each child’s work is a primary requirement in art education. Annual plans are designed with the aim of developing basic skills as well as general and art culture in art classes. By studying the history of art, students have the opportunity to see that there are different and original approaches, perspectives and products and get inspired by them.

In art classes, students are expected to explore nature and environment frequently, discovering their own imagination, creativity and expressing themselves bravely by observing the beauty of nature.

In the physical education program, the lessons are structured in order to raise the awareness about the balance of physical and mental health.

Every year, our club activities are aimed at improving the interests and abilities of our students and providing them with different experiences; they are planned and implemented by both our teachers and guest trainers. Club activities are determined at the beginning of the academic year, taking into account the specialization of current students. In addition, branch training is supported by our optional ‘Winter School’ activities after school.

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