Psychological Counselling and Guidance

Our Psychological Counselling and Guidance department focuses on all three groups: students, teachers and parents. The main tasks of a psychological counsellor include observing the students, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and providing the necessary guidance.

Our counsellors observe students in and out of the classroom and conduct various individual and group works focused on social-emotional and skill development. They conduct their studies in line with the annual plan prepared according to the development and education level of each student. They inform parents about students’ development when necessary and follow up the process. Our Counselling Department also keeps parents aware of age-related difficulties and guides them by sending bulletins and organizing face-to-face and online seminars.

BÜMED MEÇ Schools use a solution-oriented approach when facing problems that may occur on the premises. Teachers, students, the Counseling Unit and parents constantly cooperate in order to solve problems efficiently. “Student Behavior Evaluation Board” is created in order to support the solution-oriented and positive approach and contribute to the prevention of negative behavior in secondary school.

Our school developed the technique that helps students control their behavior and solve their problems on their own. The main purpose of the school’s behavior management is to make a positive contribution to the social skills, personality and social development of children. While contributing to the educational focus, we also make sure we maintain the development of our students’ talents and improve their emotional intelligence.

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