Distance Education

Online teaching includes different from traditional face-to-face teaching parameters. Taking in account that distance education it is not an efficient and active teaching method in comparison to face-to-face education, our school implements active learning methods where the student is put at the center and the lessons are designed synchronously and asynchronously on online platforms. Content design is well-planned and more comprehensive than face-to-face course design. BÜMED MEÇ Schools use up-to-date distance learning methodologies that include interactive and entertaining applications that are student-oriented.

The basic and primary purpose of the Distance Education program in the Pre-school Department is the ability to continue the adherence to the school routine and socialization process with teachers and friends. In addition to the unit-based English and Turkish online activity hours, this type of education helps students maintain their connection with school while they are at home. There are amazing branch lessons and pleasant additional meeting and sharing hours designed for our students. It is also supported by various game programs, online trips, individual and small group work projects in order to keep and encourage the participation of students in the distance education program.

We make a difference by conveying the objectives and functioning perspectives of distance education program to parents.

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